Your Guide to Blackhawk Engine Performance Upgrades

Since Leonardo Da Vinci imagined his ornithopter in 1488, pilots have been tinkering with their propulsion systems. When you buy an aircraft, you spend time looking at your needs. The seating capacity, speed, range, weather capabilities, etc. are all part of the equation.

The next major decision comes as you approach TBO (time between overhauls.) Do you replace or turn a blind eye? Go shopping for a new aircraft or look at a factory new engine? Performance upgrades and modifications are the norm even for the proven Blackhawk engine.

Rather than experimenting with a brand new aircraft, you can get better performance and reliability with engine upgrades. You can add years of lifespan to your Sikorsky with performance and fuel efficiency modifications.

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Choices For Your Blackhawk Engine

Every aircraft engine has a recommended service interval. TBO is essentially the original equipment manufacturer’s service interval with an additional time margin for safety. It is generally based upon engine clock time, not the calendar. You have several choices at TBO.

You can

  • Ignore the TBO
  • Get a new aircraft
  • Replace the engine with an upgraded factory-new engine
  • Replace the engine with a factory rebuilt engine
  • Factory overhaul your engine
  • Field overhaul your engine with modifications

Obviously, some of the options are less desirable, cost-conscious, reliable or safe than others.

Both a new aircraft and a factory-new zero time upgraded engine replacement are going to give you all the performance upgrades and fuel efficiency you desire. They are the most costly options.

A more budget-conscious decision is to use a rebuilt engine or overhaul your engine with the modifications you want, with parts equivalent to or better than OEM.

Best Value, Best For You

At TBO, you have the opportunity to prioritize your needs for upgrades and replacements. Cost, warranty length, warranty coverage, engine time, new part content, residual value, etc. all work into your equation.

A rebuilt or overhauled engine by a firm with a solid track record can be equal to a factory rebuilt model. Beware of anyone who sells an overhaul without a list of replacement OEM and non-OEM parts. Your Blackhawk engine upgrades can replace your 350 with the power and efficiency of a brand new model.

Where To Find

The OEM obviously handles a factory-new upgrade or factory-rebuilt engine, or through OEM authorized dealers. These zero-time engines are the highest quality and the best choice for making your existing aircraft brand new. Many after-market parts and equipment suppliers also handle overhauls and Blackhawk modifications.

Choose your parts and equipment suppliers with care. Examine their track record and their specialties. You want an experienced specialist to handle your military or civilian engine rebuild or upgrade. You are looking for an understanding of optimizations, not just operating within tolerances.

With more than four decades of replacement parts manufacturing for Sikorsky and selected Bell models, Rotair is the choice for Blackhawk engine upgrades. Want to learn more? Keep reading this blog or contact us today.