The Rotair Story

For more than four decades, Rotair’s performance in supplying quality helicopter replacement parts has made the company the industry leader. It is a reputation that has come about through continual striving for excellence in every area of our business.

Rotors on military chopper

The parts you purchase from Rotair meet all the design and performance requirements of the original component. Testing to and frequently beyond specification is standard procedure. This helps assure that only conforming parts are shipped to our customers. Rotair’s precision extends beyond product quality into such areas as technical support, research, inventory control, record keeping, and packaging and shipping. Around the world, Rotair is your number one source for most Sikorsky and selected Bell helicopter components. We are prepared to prove that we offer you levels of precision, availability, and service unsurpassed by any other source.

Rotair has the experience to manufacture parts that match the performance of the original components, and extensive experience in overhaul and repair, especially for UH-60 components.

Our people are the key.  They have years of experience in the design, engineering and production of critical helicopter parts, much of it gained with Sikorsky and other leading aircraft manufacturers. Because of our backgrounds, we understand the importance of strict attention to detail in every phase of manufacturing, assembly and testing.

In short, we have the ability to recognize perfection, and we strive for it in every aspect of the service we provide.

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