What You Need to Know About Refurbished Military Helicopters

Civilian-owned helicopters make transportation both fun and convenient. According to Mordor Intelligence, the compound annual growth rate of the commercial helicopter market is expected to be 6% over the next five years. Refurbished military helicopters are an increasingly significant source of civilian helicopters. There are thousands of military helicopters in the US. Every time the military upgrades its fleet, they sell old helicopters for civilian use. When a civilian acquires a refurbished military helicopter, they need to ensure that they can get it serviced and repaired regularly. Here are some things you should know about refurbished military helicopters.


Black Hawk Helicopters

One of the most popular refurbished military helicopters is the Black Hawk. The Black Hawk is arguably one of the strongest helicopters in the world. It was designed to withstand harsh conditions and lift heavy loads. This makes the Black Hawk a diverse asset that can be used in many scenarios. You can use it for everything from ferrying small cargo to personal transportation.



While the Black Hawk is versatile and durable, it will still need proper maintenance. Parts will break on occasion. Therefore, one of the important aspects of owning a refurbished military helicopter is finding a reputable dealer for spare parts. You want to look for a dealer that is able to provide quality spare parts and Blackhawk maintenance services when needed. A reputable dealer will make all the difference.



Refurbished military helicopters can often be customized to suite your needs. For example, one may buy a helicopter for transportation of goods, while another as a means of their own transport. A knowledgeable service provider should be able to customize the helicopter to suit the buyers’ needs without compromising its safety.


Sikorsky Helicopters

An another popular refurbished military helicopter is the Sikorsky helicopter. Sikorsky helicopters are a great alternative to the Black Hawk. Although they may lack the strength and military appearance of the Black Hawk, a Sikorsky helicopter is another versatile option. Military-used Sikorsky helicopters are readily available too. A good Sikorsky helicopter dealer can take a used helicopter and restore it to good working condition.

When looking for a military helicopter refurbishing company, ensure that they have the right authorizations to modify an aircraft and distribute certified parts. Look for dealers that are certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). If you are looking for a reputable Blackhawk supplier or dependable Blackhawk maintenance, call Rotair Aerospace Corporation today.