4 Incredible Helicopter World Records

The pursuit of world records has led pilots to attempt incredible feats. Some of these feats have entered the Guinness Book of World Records. In aviation history, a couple of rotary wing aircraft have set records that will simply blow your mind. Below are four incredible helicopter world records you might be interested to know about.

1. Most Helicopter Spins in One Jump

Keith, a U.S. skysurfer also known as “Kebe,” broke an earlier Guinness World Record he had set to perform 175 helicopter spins in one jump. He achieved this feat on July 22, 2022. Earlier in 2021, Kebe had set another world record of 165 helicopter spins in a free-fall over Giza in Egypt.

In a video shared on Youtube by Guinness World Records, Kebe is shown performing amazing acrobatics while wearing a “surfboard” tied to his feet during the descent.

2. Longest Non-Stop Helicopter Flight

Imagine flying a helicopter for 2,213 miles in one trip. That’s the longest flight by a helicopter anyone has ever traveled without landing. The feat was achieved by Robert Ferry from the U.S. when he flew a rotary wing Hughes YOH-6A helicopter to Ormond Beach, Florida. He had started the flight from Culver City, CA. Throughout the distance, which is equivalent to 3,561.6 km, Robert didn’t stop to refuel. The flight, which followed the FAI rules, was concluded on April 6, 1966.

3. Fastest Round-the-World Record by Helicopter

At 10:15 AM on August 18, 2000, two pilots, Scott Kasprowicz and Steve Sheik, landed a helicopter at LaGuardia Airport after flying it for a record 13 days. The flight took them through 30 states, 15 countries, and 24 time zones. Despite a couple of hiccups over Russia that threatened to derail the attempt, the two challenge-loving pilots were successful at flying around the world. By achieving this feat, they beat a 12-year-old record set by a Bell 430 that flew for 17 days and 6 hours.

4. The Highest Altitude Attained by a Helicopter in Flight

The record for the highest altitude attained by a helicopter in flight was set by Jean Boulet, a French pilot who flew an SA 315 Lama at 40,820 feet in a single-engine rotary wing helicopter in 1972. To put this feat into context, the air starts to thin as a helicopter gains attitude. With altitude comes another challenge. As the air becomes thin, the main rotary wing struggles, becoming less efficient. As the helicopter attains a higher altitude, the reduced power from the rotor starts to slow it down.

Flying a rotary wing helicopter for miles on end at dizzying speeds can be exhilarating. Breaking world records while at it is a feat only the brave attempt. However, with a tested and proven aircraft that’s regularly serviced and maintained, the impossible is possible. For parts and maintenance of your Sikorsky Helicopter, get in touch with us at Rotair Aerospace Corporation today.