4 Reasons Why We Use Helicopters Today

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Helicopters are often used in the military and have historically been relied on for a number of major operations. These aircraft offer a number of major advantages over planes. As smaller and more lightweight machines, they often are able to maneuver into areas that planes cannot reach, and are furthermore more easily able to carry single pieces of equipment efficiently. Additionally, helicopters are able to cross great distances without landing; in fact, the furthest a helicopter has traveled without landing is 2,213 miles. Helicopters are small and can transport a small crew, which is required for many military operations; they can serve goals where a plane would be wasteful.

However, helicopters have more recently been adopted by a number of different businesses. Some of the helicopters utilized for commercial purposes are actually decommissioned military helicopters. In turn, commercial helicopter parts suppliers are becoming increasingly available for business owners that need to be able to not only maintain their helicopters but quickly repair any issues that may arise. Although helicopters are reliable, they also can undergo a great deal of wear and tear and must be repaired as needed. Even businesses that lightly use helicopters commercially must have a helicopter spare parts supplier on hand. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the reasons why helicopters are used today, offering both profits and benefits to the world at large.

1. Sightseeing Tours

While helicopters once served largely utilitarian purposes, now they are being used to provide joy. Those who travel by helicopter are able to get a literal bird’s eye view of the world and see it from a perspective that would otherwise be unavailable. This is particularly valuable in certain areas that can be difficult to fully appreciate without an aerial view.

Helicopter sightseeing tours are therefore especially common in major cities like Manhattan and San Francisco, as well as scenic areas like Hawaii and the Grand Canyon. Of course, clients are putting a lot of trust in business owners that run sightseeing tours. Therefore, these business owners must regularly have their helicopters inspected and be ready to buy new commercial helicopter parts.

2. Emergency Transportation

When an individual is in need of transportation to a major medical center, they need to move as quickly as possible. Many hospitals do not provide the specialized services that some patients need. Therefore, they’ll load patients into helicopters and have them transported quickly and safely to more equipped medical centers. Helicopters must also occasionally transport patients directly from emergency sites to hospitals. Though this emergency transportation is usually utilized directly by hospitals, the helicopters themselves still must be repaired with commercial helicopter parts.

Military helicopters are not only durable but quite fast and easy for expert pilots to maneuver. This is why oftentimes military helicopters are repurposed for these types of services. It’s important that they are maintained with proper military helicopter parts, which are fortunately often supplied by providers of commercial helicopter parts.

3. Search and Rescue

For reasons similar to the reasons that make helicopters ideal for emergency transportation purposes, they can also be utilized for search and rescue missions. They are often deployed when individuals go missing in the mountains, or even at sea or in other large bodies of water. An aerial view can make it easier for rescuers to find missing people, and helicopters may also be used on manhunts or searches for those that went missing under suspicious circumstances.

4. Private Charters and Special Purposes

Private companies often charter helicopters in order to transport high-level executives quickly, efficiently, and perhaps impressively. Helicopters may also be relied upon by film companies in order to scout locations, while offshore drilling companies use them to transport workers. Business owners that simply provide helicopters are able to take advantage of this diverse range of needs and supply clients with the helicopters that they need.

There are clearly many tasks and purposes that can be served by helicopters. These machines have evolved beyond the tasks for which they were initially used by the military. Ideally, they will continue to be used for years to come, with their purposes only expanding.