5 Things You Might Not Know About Black Hawk Helicopters

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A number of different issues can cause Black Hawk helicopters to require new parts. The fact is that these helicopters are now often used for both military and commercial purposes. Indeed, some decommissioned Sikorsky helicopters are now being used to transport equipment and supplies, conduct helicopter tours, and much more. But they cannot be properly maintained for commercial purposes if those who own them do not have suppliers available for Black Hawk parts. Although it’s not necessarily easy to find suppliers for parts for rotary wing aircraft, it’s far from impossible.

Some commercial owners of Black Hawk helicopters, however, don’t even know much about these remarkable aircraft in the first place. That’s why we’re exploring some of the facts that the public at large may not know about Black Hawk helicopters, which could shed some light on why these helicopters are so heavily relied upon and why many helicopter parts suppliers today make sure that they’re supplying Black Hawk replacement parts.

1. They’re Remarkably Fast

There is a reason why Black Hawk helicopters are actually used to transport people in emergency situations in this day and age. Black Hawk helicopters can climb to remarkable speeds, hitting a maximum speed of 183 miles per hour, typically. In fact, its cruising speed alone often rests at 174 miles per hour, and it can climb 1,315 feet per minute. This means that it has a ceiling of 19,000 feet. Because these helicopters are so fast, they can also wear out parts naturally over the course of their service. This is why many rotary wing aircraft suppliers focus on Sikorsky spare parts in particular.

2. They Have a Military-Based Past

Today, Black Hawk helicopters are not only used by the military. But in the past, Black Hawk helicopters were used to provide logistical support and carry troops within war zones. Parts for rotary wing aircraft suppliers have been used to supply replacement parts for helicopters in active military service as well as those being used for commercial purposes.

4. They Save Lives Outside of the Military

Obviously, Black Hawk helicopters can be used to execute intense missions during their military service. But outside of the military, they can also be used to execute medical evacuations and search and rescue missions, as well as armed escort services. This is why it’s crucial that they’re in perfect working shape, and that parts for rotary wing aircraft suppliers need to be kept on hand by owners of these helicopters.

5. They Can Do Heavy Lifting

There is a reason why Black Hawk helicopters are used to transport equipment for commercial purposes today. The helicopter has an external cargo hook, which can enable it to carry huge weights over long distances. Its total lifting capacity is actually 8,000 pounds.

There are so many reasons why Black Hawk helicopters are used today. But the more these helicopters are used, the more reliable parts suppliers will be needed. Owners should ensure that they always have suppliers available in case of emergency. This will ensure that Black Hawk helicopters can be relied upon for their full functionality.