Debunking Common Helicopter Myths

While they might have a bad reputation, helicopters are still a popular form of travel. According to Statista, there were nearly 20,000 helicopters listed in global military inventories in 2021. Their bad reputation could be tied to many of the myths surrounding them. Avoid falling for these common myths below.

Helicopters Are Noisy

A common myth about helicopters is that they’re noisy. However, this isn’t the case. Helicopters today are much quieter than they used to be. Newer helicopters use quieter engines and have better soundproofing.

Helicopters Are Expensive to Maintain

When it comes to expenses, helicopters are actually cheaper to maintain than fixed-wing aircraft. This is because they have fewer moving parts and their engines are more efficient. Of course, conducting research on the best parts suppliers can help to reduce costs even further.

Helicopters Are Hard to Fly

While it takes more training to fly a helicopter than a fixed-wing aircraft, it’s not necessarily harder. In fact, many people find flying helicopters to be easier than flying airplanes. This is because helicopters are more forgiving when it comes to pilot errors. There are various pilot certification courses or helicopter schools offering training. Additionally, training is also available in virtual flight simulators.

Only Rich People Can Afford Helicopter Rides

Anyone can afford a helicopter ride. Helicopter rides aren’t as expensive as you might think. You may pay as little as $180 for a 30-minute aerial tour of Hollywood or New York City. For less than a standard one-way airline ticket, you can experience a helicopter ride.

Kids Should Not Fly on Helicopters

There is no reason why kids shouldn’t fly in helicopters. Helicopters are safe for all passengers, regardless of age. In fact, many kids enjoy flying in helicopters because it’s a unique experience. As with any other flightcraft, much of the safety relies on preparation and restraint.

In conclusion, flying in a helicopter is not a dangerous or expensive experience reserved only for rich people. Families often enjoy helicopter tours because they’re safe and provide great views that you wouldn’t get otherwise. If you have the chance to fly in a helicopter, don’t let common myths hold you back. Contact us today to learn more about our available helicopter equipment and services.