Is It Time to Replace Your Black Hawk Helicopter Parts?

Operating a Black Hawk helicopter requires knowing when it runs into operational issues and knowing what parts can keep it operating smoothly. The following information will help make it simpler for owners to keep their helicopters working smoothly.

Are You Failing PMS Checks?

PMS checks help gauge the quality of your Black Hawk and its many parts, allowing you to gauge how well they are operating safely. These checks must be done every 40 flight hours and check parts that may not be inspected often. A complete statement should take at least 12-20 work hours from an extensive flight crew and should be passed if your helicopter is in great shape.

If you find that your helicopter is starting to fail these checks (even if only on a handful of areas), you need to consider Black Hawk replacement parts. Upgrading damaged parts before they start failing on you will help minimize the potential issue. For example, you can replace oil filters, cooling fans, gearboxes, wires, and other parts that may end up wearing down and becoming degraded with time.

Are You Losing Speed or Control?

When your Black Hawk helicopter is operating correctly, it should have a maximum speed of about 183 miles per hour. Are you noticing that this speed is starting to decrease, even when you have the helicopter flying at its full power? This problem is not uncommon when various parts and units throughout the vehicle start wearing down and need to be replaced by a team of qualified professionals.

You may also start to notice a lack of control or a feeling of stiffness that doesn’t suit a Black Hawk. You’ll need to get the 360-flight hour check done once your helicopter reaches this level to ensure that you don’t have problems with the tail, main rotor, or boom. These areas often wear down and need to be replaced to keep them running as smoothly as possible for your needs.

Don’t Let Your Black Hawk Get Damaged

Black Hawk replacement parts may seem expensive to some but are critical to consider if your helicopter is starting to wear down. The price of replacing a full Black Hawk is much higher than a few parts, making it a more than a wise choice to find parts that can be easily integrated onto a helicopter.