Speed of Delivery Helps Rotair Win Half Million Dollar Contract for Blackhawk Helicopter Assemblies

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(11 January 2010, Bridgeport, CT)  Rotair announced a half million dollar contract today with the Defense Logistics Agency’s Aviation Division located at the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama.  The contract will provide our Armed Forces with these complex assemblies for their fleets of H-60 aircraft, which include the Blackhawk, Seahawk, and Nighthawk.  Rotair is satisfying DLA’s demand very rapidly with a combination of robust inventory, and long-standing manufacturing and quality assurance skills.

Mr. Harrington, President of Rotair Aerospace Corporation, added, “Rotair will be moving to first article test in record time on this contract. Rotair’s advance manufacturing system combined with a large investment in helicopter spare parts make us an agile supplier of otherwise long lead time helicopter components. This translates into less down time for our customers’ aircraft, quicker planning cycles, and more savings for the customer by reducing inventory while increasing aircraft availability. This, combined with our low competitive pricing, is why Rotair is a chosen supplier by many commercial and military operators worldwide for Sikorsky replacement parts.”