The Importance of Sikorsky Helicopter Parts and Service for Safety

Finding a crew to handle your maintenance and helicopter parts is essential. Unfortunately, too many teams don’t take this process seriously or rarely schedule maintenance and repairs. This mistake could be a costly and even deadly one. Helicopter failure is best avoided, and a high-quality maintenance and parts team will provide the help you need to keep your fleet and your crew safe from harm.

Spot Potential Imperfections

A typical Sikorsky helicopter can fly at around 160 knots or 184 miles per hour (296 kilometers per hour). Do you want something to go wrong at those kinds of speeds? Absolutely not. Regular inspections, high-quality maintenance, and regular mechanical checks on your parts minimize this risk. Professionals will use a multi-point inspection checklist to ensure that your choppers are safe to operate.

Even the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) strongly suggests regularly scheduled inspections as a way to prevent maintenance issues. The team that built your helicopter is only human, after all. Mistakes, rushed construction, and more can all impact the safety of your fleet. Inspections help to potentially spot these errors and provide fixes that minimize any dangers of crashes.

Repair Any Dangers Before They Worsen

Inspections and new helicopter parts also help to repair the damage that may occur as your helicopter operates. However, even a perfectly constructed chopper will experience wear and tear that could conceivably make them unsafe. These issues could arise over an extended period.

For instance, damage to the fuselage and hull may start out small but become more persistent with time. Even worse, a loose nut on your landing gear could work itself out entirely, making your landing gear and wheels loose and unsafe. Regular inspections spot these wear-and-tear problems, fix them up, and keep your fleet and crew safe from any potential dangers, such as catastrophic failure or death.

Finding a great team that provides high-quality Sikorsky helicopter parts and inspections requires identifying the make and model of your fleet choppers. Then, you need to talk to a team about how often you need reviews. For example, some might need checkups at least once a month to operate as safely as possible. Others could operate just fine with only a handful of checkups and repairs. Whatever the situation, find a team you can trust and work with them to keep your operation as safe as possible.