The Ultimate Guide to Maintaining and Buying Sikorsky UH-60 Helicopter Parts

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The U.S. military has thousands of helicopters in use. Ever since the 70s, the Sikorsky has been the front-line utility helicopter for the army because of its diverse applications. It can be used for air assault, MEDEVAC, and air cavalry.

Thanks to the consistent technological upgrades over the years, Black Hawk helicopters have performed well during military missions and thus remained a firm favorite for the army.

Military helicopters are used for sensitive missions, making excellent performance vital. Any failure or performance issue can result in loss of life. Therefore, it essential that Sikorsky UH 60 Black Hawk parts are serviced and replaced regularly. This will ensure passengers are safer on board and increase the lifespan of the helicopter.

The Sikorsky UH-60 can travel at speeds of up to 183 miles per hour and its body is engineered to withstand impact from medium-caliber projectiles. The Sikorsky UH 60 Black Hawk parts are lightweight to allow the helicopter to reach maximum speeds. The parts are also more durable and have a higher resistance to heat.

In this guide, you will find Black Hawk maintenance tips and everything you need to know when buying Black Hawk parts.

How to Maintain Black Hawk Helicopters

Cleaning and maintenance are vital aspects of keeping helicopters in the air longer. Each aircraft should have a cleaning schedule during which the following occurs:

  • Dirt and oils from the engine deck and transmission are removed.
  • The helicopter interior is sanitized.
  • Access panels and engine components are cleaned.
  • An exterior paint sealant is applied to prevent corrosion of the air frame.

Such procedures should be done regularly as they provide the perfect platform to discover any Black Hawk parts that may need to be replaced before they cause an issue.

Getting a Reliable UH-60 Spare Parts Supplier

Due to the extreme weather conditions Black Hawks operate in, they require helicopter replacement parts more often than civilian aircrafts. To ensure the helicopter is restored to its optimum performance level, it is vital that the Black Hawk replacement parts used are up to standard.

This means buying from a reliable Sikorsky parts supplier. Here are some tips to help you find the best Sikorsky UH 60 Black Hawk parts supplier:

1. Understand the Helicopters Requirements as per the Manufacturers Manual

Every helicopter comes with a manufacturer’s manual designed for this purpose specifically. The manual highlights all the recommended maintenance techniques and specifications regarding helicopter parts.

Once you have a clear picture of the parts you require, look for nationwide suppliers who can deliver the parts. To get the best prices, submit a Request for Quote (RFQ) to multiple suppliers and ask for step-ladder pricing to get discounts on large quantity purchases.

2. Experience and Technical Support

When it comes to military helicopters, no chance can be taken on performance. Therefore, replacement parts should only be purchased for suppliers with a proven track record and experience with Black Hawk parts specifically.

In addition to supplying you with components, what other services or benefits does the supplier offer? Key things to consider are technical support and assistance with record keeping, inventory control, and packaging and shipping.

3. How They Ensure Their Parts Meet Desired Requirements

Helicopter parts manufacturing is a precision-based industry. Any miscalculation of the strength or resistance of a component could result in damage mid-flight. To improve on the design, manufacturing, and testing processes, manufacturers invest in the latest technologies.

Ensure that the supplier has invested in the best inspection and testing equipment. This shows their commitment to delivering quality components.

4. Customer Service

Helicopter parts manufacturing is an industry that generates billions annually. As such, suppliers can get caught up in the money and forget the client. Work with a supplier who has a genuine interest in understanding your needs rather than just shipping components to you.

The Sikorsky UH-60 is essential for many military operations and is designed to withstand extreme conditions. Though it’s a powerful machine, it requires regular maintenance and high-quality Sikorsky UH 60 Black Hawk parts to keep it in tip-top shape.