BlackHawk Aircraft News: Top 5 Innovations of the Decade

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BlackHawk aircraft

Sikorsky’s UH-60L BlackHawk aircraft can reach a maximum speed of about 178mph. The BlackHawk aircraft isn’t only known for its speed. Throughout the years, it’s proved to be one of the most innovative helicopters in the air.

There have been many improvements to the BlackHawk aircraft since its development in 1974. These modifications changed BlackHawk helicopters for the better, making them one of the most well-known military helicopters.

Take a look at the top five most stunning BlackHawk innovations of the decade.

1. Digital Glass Cockpits

One of the most recent innovations in BlackHawk aircraft news is the plan to modernize cockpits. BlackHawk helicopters currently sport an analog cockpit, but that’s soon to change.

A digital cockpit gives many combat advantages to pilots. Some of these advantages include: an electronic map, a Stormscope, and four different displays. Not exciting enough for you? Sikorsky also plans to incorporate a duel embedded GPS, a Joint Variable Message Format system, as well as a flight director.

2. Hover IR Suppression System (HIRSS)

In October of 2018, Sikorsky announced that they would be purchasing HIRSS for their helicopters. HIRSS allows BlackHawk helicopters to hover or fly forward, while also cooling the engine exhaust.

This function is crucial in preventing BlackHawk helicopters from detection during combat. HIRSS lessens the likelihood of an enemy’s infrared system picking up and tracking the BlackHawk.

3. Cold Spray

The frequent use of BlackHawk helicopters makes them susceptible to damage and corrosion. Helicopter maintenance actually costs the United States about $1 billion every ten years.

There was previously no way to repair corroded parts. Then, Sikorsky and the Army Research Laboratory developed the cold spray. Applying a high-pressure gas such as nitrogen or helium using a spray gun can help restore damaged BlackHawk parts.

The cold spray contains microscopic powder particles. These particles get emitted at a speed of about 6,000mph and at a temperature under 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

Such a low temperature prevents the powder from rusting, melting, or decomposing. By using this cold spray on BlackHawk aircraft parts, they can maintain their strength for much longer.

4. Fire Attack System

Some BlackHawk helicopters come with a new 850-gallon internal Fire Attack system made for aerial firefighting. With a Fire Attack system, BlackHawks no longer need belly-mounted tanks. This feature makes it more suitable for civilian use.

It only takes about 15 minutes to attach or remove the Fire Attack system, as it doesn’t call for huge modifications to the helicopter. The tanks also prevent corrosion and come equipped with ground fill ports.

5. Enhanced Speed Bag System (ESBS)

Since 2014, the BlackHawk aircraft has come installed one of the most innovative military helicopter parts: ESBS. It allows the helicopter to drop emergency supplies as long as it’s traveling at about 200 knots and is 100-110 feet above the ground.

The ESBS includes cargo bags held by two carabiners installed in the helicopter. A BlackHawk military aircraft can carry six systems, with each cargo bag weighing between 125 and 200 pounds. ESBS allows supplies to be quickly replenished during combat.

BlackHawk Aircraft Innovations

Improvements for the BlackHawk aircraft have forever changed combat. Its unique innovations have made BlackHawk a popular aircraft for troops around the world.

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