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Legacy UH-60 Relay Panels

As technology in the aviation industry continues to advance, legacy relay panels in UH-60 helicopters, with part numbers 70550-02105-057 and 70550-02102-056, are good candidates for testing and overhaul. Read on as we explore the reasons why.

Understanding Relay Panels

In essence, a relay panel is an electromagnetic device designed for remote or automatic control. These devices are actuated by variations in the conditions of an electric circuit and subsequently operate other devices, such as switches, within the same or different circuit.

Testing Methods for UH-60 Relay Panels

Inspection often commences with a thorough visual inspection. Technicians scrutinize each relay panel for signs of physical damage, corrosion, or loose connections. Any visible anomalies are documented for further investigation.

Functional testing involves subjecting the relay panels to simulated operational conditions. This includes activating the relays to assess their response to electrical signals, ensuring they function as intended. This step is critical to verify that the relays can effectively control various systems during flight.

During electrical testing, technicians conduct electrical tests on the relays to measure resistance, voltage, and current.

As they are designed to carry out a wide range of missions, UH-60 helicopters often operate in challenging environments. Therefore, technicians perform environmental testing to assess the performance of relay panels under extreme conditions.

To simulate the lifespan of the panel relays, endurance testing involves subjecting the relays to prolonged periods of operation under normal and extreme conditions. This step helps identify potential issues related to wear and tear, allowing for proactive maintenance or replacement.

With the increasing integration of digital systems in modern aircraft, software validation becomes crucial. Technicians verify that the software controlling the relay panels operates correctly, ensuring accurate communication between different avionic systems.

Why UH-60 Relay Panels Are Ideal for Testing and Overhaul

The legacy UH-60 relay panels, with part numbers 70550-02105-057 and 70550-02102-056, prove to be ideal choices for testing and overhaul processes for several reasons:


UH-60 relay panels have a long history of being used in the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters because they are reliable.

Exceptional Compatibility

As original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts, UH-60 relay panels with part numbers 70550-02105-057 and 70550-02102-056 are designed to meet strict industry standards, ensuring compatibility with the traditional UH-60’s electrical systems.

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Legacy UH-60 relay panels often present cost-effective alternatives for maintenance and repair, offering savings compared to newer, more technologically advanced parts.

Reduced Downtime

Testing procedures are often time-sensitive, and minimizing aircraft downtime is a priority. Legacy UH-60 relay panels, with their proven reliability and straightforward integration, contribute to shorter testing cycles, allowing helicopters to return to operational status more efficiently.

Seamless Testing

Legacy UH-60 relay panels seamlessly integrate into these testing environments, making them convenient choices for assessing various electrical and avionic systems.

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