Rotair Receives $1.2M Contract for Sikorsky Commercial Spares

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(22 June 2009, Bridgeport, CT)  Rotair Aerospace Corporation is pleased to announce receipt of a 1.2 million dollar award for commercial spares for Sikorsky S61N and S61L helicopters flown in North America.

All parts will be supplied under Rotair’s extensive FAA PMA program.  “I believe Rotair holds the greatest number of rotorcraft PMA’s in the United States,” said Wes Harrington, Rotair’s President.  At last count Rotair had over 3000.  “Rotair’s PMA’s and the large inventories we maintain for our customers have propelled Rotair to a leading position in after-market helicopter spares.”

The Sikorsky S-61, both commercial and military versions, has a distinguished history and still serves in these roles around the world.  With recent advancements in blade technology, and updated with “glass cockpits,” the S-61 finds itself even supporting our National Military Strategy in Afghanistan, where the extremes of terrain and weather challenge even the newest models produced by America’s premier helicopter manufacturers.

“It’s hard to find an aircraft more capable for the task at hand,” said Wes Harrington.  “We’re extremely proud to play a small role in the S-61’s continued success and on-going missions around the world.