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What You Need To Know When It’s Time To Replace Black Hawk Helicopter Parts

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Helicopter maintenance is actually the difference between life and death. Think we’re being dramatic?

If something goes wrong while you’re in the air there’s not much standing between you and plummeting to the ground. That’s why it’s not surprising in the least bit that the United States spends over $1 billion per decade on helicopter maintenance.

Many of those costs come from replacing actual helicopter parts. Repairing parts, Black Hawk helicopter parts especially, isn’t cost effective nor overly safe. So when it’s time to service your helicopters, you need to know the basics of replacing parts.

How to Determine When to Replace Black Hawk Helicopter Parts

Preventative maintenance is the only sure-fire way to know when it’s time to replace some of your Black Hawk helicopter parts. If you’ve been diligently keeping up on the maintenance, you’ll know what’s about to break or nearing the end of its lifespan.

We’ll use the army’s maintenance schedule as a base-line for preventative maintenance services.

  • PMS checks are required every 40 flight hours
  • The checks take 15 to 20 man-hours (working hours)
  • Other scheduled checks including oil samples, battery checks, gearbox inspections, engine washes, corrosion checks
  • A large-scale 120-hour inspection that includes rotor checks, cooler fan checks, and critical vibration checks of the high-speed shafts
  • All-encompassing 360 flight hour checks inspecting the cabin, tail, main rotor, and boom

In addition to the above checks, you should also visually inspect your helicopter every time you fly. Make sure nothing seems “off” and always trust your gut. It’s better to spend time checking something than spend time crashing.

How We Can Help

You’ll probably have some difficulty finding all three traits in a Black Hawk helicopter parts supplier. Suppliers with prompt delivery often charge high prices while lower prices mean slower deliveries or poor-quality parts.

We want to help you solve that supplier dilemma. After years in the business, we’ve developed high-quality supply chains that can get you cost-effective parts quickly.

If you’re in the market for Black Hawk parts, get in touch with us. Our team can help keep your helicopter safely in the sky.