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A Guide on Rotable Parts on Sikorsky Helicopters

Your Sikorsky helicopter’s rotable parts require regular maintenance. Today, we will take a closer look at what rotable parts are, how frequently they need to be taken care of, and what the different stages of servicing for rotable parts are.

What Are Rotable Parts?

Simply put, rotable parts are components of your Sikorsky helicopter that are designed to be reused multiple times throughout an aircraft’s operational lifespan. These parts are typically subject to wear and tear and are regularly removed from the helicopter for maintenance, repair, or overhaul. Examples of rotable parts in Sikorsky helicopters include rotor blades, gearboxes, and actuators.

How Are Rotables Different from Other Spare Parts?

While consumable parts such as filters and gaskets are replaced after a single use, rotable parts undergo regular maintenance, repair, and overhaul to ensure their continued airworthiness. Rotable parts are often more expensive and require specialized expertise for maintenance and overhaul compared to consumable parts.

Different Stages of Servicing of Rotable Parts

There are typically four stages of serving for rotable parts:

  • As Removed (AR): Rotable parts in the “As Removed” condition are components that have been removed from the aircraft during routine maintenance, repair, or replacement. These parts may exhibit varying degrees of wear and damage and require assessment to determine the extent of maintenance or repair needed.
  • Serviceable (SV): After undergoing necessary maintenance, repair, or overhaul, rotable parts are deemed “Serviceable” when they meet all required standards and are deemed fit for reinstallation on a Sikorsky helicopter. Serviceable rotable parts have been inspected, repaired, and tested to ensure they meet the manufacturer’s specifications and airworthiness requirements.
  • Repaired (RP): Rotable parts classified as “Repaired” have undergone minor repairs to address specific issues or damage. Repaired parts may undergo a shorter maintenance process compared to those requiring a full overhaul, making them a cost-effective option for extending the lifespan of components without compromising safety.
  • Overhaul (OH): The “Overhaul” condition indicates that rotable parts have undergone a comprehensive inspection, maintenance, and refurbishment process to restore them to a like-new condition. Overhauled parts are disassembled, cleaned, inspected for wear and damage, and reassembled with new or refurbished components as needed. This thorough process ensures the reliability and longevity of the parts upon reinstallation.

Frequency of Repairs for Rotables

To determine when rotable parts of your Sikorsky helicopter require repair or replacement, you should adhere to the recommendations provided by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

The OEM typically specifies the intervals at which rotable parts should be removed from service based on flight time or other operational parameters. Once a rotable part reaches its recommended removal interval, it undergoes a thorough overhaul and recertification process, ensuring its continued airworthiness.

Following this process, the part is deemed fit for reuse for a specific period before the overhaul cycle repeats.

By following the OEM’s guidelines and regularly monitoring the condition and performance of rotable parts, you can effectively manage maintenance schedules, optimize component lifespan, and uphold safety standards in Sikorsky helicopter operations.

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