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Best Practices for Sourcing and Distributing Helicopter Parts

It’s a widely known truth that healthy competition among small businesses is a driver of the economy. If you are a helicopter parts manufacturer or the owner of a military helicopter, such as a Black Hawk, you are well aware of the long lead times for sole-source items. If you are a business owner who wants to become a source of replacement parts, you, no doubt, see a golden opportunity for your business’s success.

Keep reading to learn more about the sourcing and distribution of helicopter parts from the first-class helicopter parts manufacturer, Rotair Aerospace Corporation.

The Nuts and Bolts of DLA Aviation’s Program

DLA Aviation’s Replenishment Parts Purchase or Borrow Program is a great process that helps bring the lead time down. This program was launched in 1987 to make the supply of military helicopter parts smoother. It allows parts manufacturers to purchase items they hope to produce and reverse engineer them at their own expense. It also sets high standards for businesses that aspire to become sources of replacement parts.

X-rays, hardness tests, and anything in between goes into this reverse engineering process that can last anywhere from months to years and often results in the original item being destroyed.

Once an item is replicated, a company can then submit a Source Approval Request (SAR) package. If the reproduced part is a top-notch one, the company becomes an approved source. By the way, at Rotair, we can help you with your SAR package. Our portfolio includes many SAR packages that resulted in multi-million dollar government contracts!

Currently, there are around 200 items available for reverse engineering in DLA Aviation’s library. Why are some parts included and others aren’t? Well, it all boils down to cost. If costs for replacement parts increase, they become good candidates for the catalog.

How to Source and Distribute Helicopter Parts

If you want to expand your replacement parts offering, you should look for sources that have been given the green light by the original manufacturer. The original manufacturer conducts thorough tests to make sure the reverse-engineered parts hold up to their high-quality standards.

When you are choosing helicopter parts to distribute, you want to make your offering as extensive as possible. In the end, clients seek diverse suppliers. It’s a universally acknowledged truth that working with just one supplier reduces headaches and speeds up the AOG. So, if your client can turn to you for replacement parts for their S-61N Sea King and S-64 Skycrane, for example, they are far more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Becoming a supplier of helicopter replacement parts is no easy task. You need to make sure all your sources meet the quality requirements of the original manufacturer. You should also strive to make your catalog as diverse as possible.

At Rotair Aerospace Corporation, we know the nitty-gritty of sourcing and distributing, as we have extensive experience helping businesses with SAR packages. Whether you are an aspiring supplier, a business owner seeking to become a source for replacement parts, or an owner of an aircraft, contact us today with any queries or rotary aircraft needs.