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Commercial Uses for Helicopters

It’s common to see helicopters flying in the sky and wonder what they are doing. The first guess people get when they see a helicopter is that it’s a news helicopter taking photos and transmitting a news flash or an army helicopter doing a routine patrol.

Nevertheless, it’s easy to forget that helicopters are available for commercial use and not only for the military and the news and media. There are more than 31,000 helicopters globally, without counting military helicopters, and it’s time to learn their primary use.

Great for Aerial Observation.

Did you ever want to observe your city from above? There are plenty of helicopters available for the public with special tours for those who want to fly and see their city differently. These kinds of rides are open to anyone, which is the perfect opportunity for most people to ride a helicopter for the first time.

Although not every town has a helicopter tour, most big cities all around the map have plenty of helicopter tours available.

Tourism and Educational Trips

Going on a vacation and exploring a place you’ve never been before is exciting, but riding a helicopter and watching it from above makes everything more exciting. Helicopter trips for tourists are always available on holidays and special seasons such as summer or winter.

However, if you want to study a specific zone and need a closer look at the whole panorama, then an educational helicopter trip is a perfect choice. Most commercial helicopters that do this kind of task need commercial helicopter parts that can resist the harsh temperatures of the area.

Hiring a Fixed-Wing Pilot

A fixed-wing pilot is a person who drives an airplane and takes you from a place, which usually is an airport, to another airport. This process is easy to see in those high-currency airports that need to move their passengers quickly from a nearby airport to another.

However, most fixed-wing pilots drive helicopters for convenience, as most passengers would prefer to stay in a hotel, a casino, or another place of their preference rather than an airport. Moreover, most luxury hotels also offer helicopter rides as transportation for their VIP clients.

Helicopters for personal and commercial use represent the majority of helicopters globally, which shows that helicopters are far more than simply military and news vehicles. For more information on military and commercial helicopter parts, give us a call today.