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The History of the Sikorsky’s Black Hawk Helicopter

The Sikorsky Black Hawk multirole helicopter is one of the most reliable and powerful utility helicopters. The Black Hawk has supported soldiers in many countries in which the Army has operated, including Grenada, Panama, Iraq, Somalia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, and throughout the Middle East. To understand the specific helicopter replacement parts needed, you need to understand the history of the helicopter.

The Black Hawk’s Creation

Sikorsky Aircraft is an American aircraft manufacturer based in Stratford, Connecticut. It was founded in 1923 by Igor Sikorsky as the Sikorsky Aero Engineering Corp. Sikorsky Aircraft has been affiliated with United Technologies Corporation (UTC) since 1929. The Black Hawk was created in accordance with the requirements of the US Army to replace the UH-1 Iroquois helicopter. This helicopter was named after the Native American war leader Black Hawk. The upgraded requirements included improved reliability, survivability, and lower life-cycle costs.

The Black Hawk’s Role

The Black Hawk, also known as the UH-60, serves with the U.S. military and the armed forces of 28 countries around the world. It has delivered emergency supplies and has flown through many combat zones. Over the years, the helicopter has had upgrades to support evolving missions and roles, including mine laying, medical evacuation, and special operations. The UH-60 became the U.S. Army’s primary utility transport and air assault aircraft. So what makes the Black Hawk unique? According to the Encyclopedia of Modern Warplanes, Black Hawk helicopters typically have a maximum speed of 183 mph. Additionally, a Black Hawk is capable of carrying 11 combat-equipped troops. It can also serve as a medivac if needed. The UH-60 provides pilots with extra armor in their seats.

The Black Hawk’s Helicopter Replacement Parts

Because the Black Hawk’s role is so important, getting the right helicopter replacement parts you need in time is vital. The Black Hawk maintenance should be conducted every 320 flight hours in a UH-60’s lifespan. At this point, the aircraft and its associated parts will need a thorough examination.

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