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The Role of Rotair in Supporting the UH-60 Black Hawk Fleet

The UH-60 Black Hawk, a workhorse of the United States Army and many allied forces around the globe depends on the highest quality parts for its mission success. At Rotair, we are proud to be recognized as the number one source. Our Aerospace Quality Management System is certified to AS9100 Rev D & ISO9001:2015.

Keep reading to learn more about how we support UH-60 Black Hawk.

Trusted Expertise

We have gained the trust of military aviation organizations around the world. We are a leading supplier in the field because of our core values:

  • Our unwavering commitment to providing the industry’s highest quality UH-60 spare parts
  • Delivering unparalleled customer service

Meeting Government Demands

We proudly fulfill the U.S. government’s demands for top-quality military helicopter parts. Our major contracts include supporting the Army’s UH-60 Black Hawk program. Additionally, we respond to numerous requests from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) each year. The Department of Defense relies on us to provide exceptional service and top-notch UH-60 replacement parts. We are an indispensable partner in maintaining the readiness of the Black Hawk fleet.

In the current social realities, we help ensure that the aviation defense of the United States is unmatchable and always ready to serve and protect Americans.

Quality and Timely Delivery

One of our proudest achievements is our exceptional performance in delivering UH-60 replacement parts on time. With a delivery success rate exceeding 95%, we ensure that vital components reach their destinations precisely when needed.

Furthermore, we consistently achieve a 100% quality rating as measured by DLA’s Automated Best Value System, showcasing our unwavering commitment to excellence. This track record of reliability underscores our dedication to meeting the high standards of the Department of Defense.

Some of the Replacement Parts We Provide

In our mission to support the UH-60 Black Hawk fleet and other military aircraft, we provide a wide array of replacement parts, ensuring that the helicopters remain operationally ready. Some of the essential components we offer include accumulators, motor-operated valves, pitch trim servoactuators (UH), and slip rings.

Accumulators play a vital role in hydraulic systems, helping maintain pressure. Motor-operated valves are essential for the proper functioning of the fuel system. Pitch trim servoactuators maintain the helicopter’s stability and control, a necessity in demanding missions. Slip rings enable the transmission of electrical signals and power between stationary and rotating parts, ensuring seamless communication and functionality in the most challenging environments.

Our commitment to providing these high-quality replacement parts is a testament to our dedication to the safety and efficiency of military aviation.

Global Reach

Our impact extends far beyond U.S. military helicopters. Allied forces that use UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters rely on us for replacement parts.

Precision and reliability are non-negotiable in military aviation. Do you need a replacement parts provider for your UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter? Look no further than Rotair Aerospace Corporation. We will guarantee that your helicopter is ready to take off at any time. Contact us today!