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What Is a Black Hawk PMA and Why Does It Matter?

At Rotair Aerospace Corporation, we specialize in delivering FAA-PMA replacement components for rotary-wing aircraft, including the Black Hawk UH 60. Keep reading to explore what PMA entails and its importance in the context of Black Hawk Aerospace Technologies.

What Is PMA?

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is a combined design and production authorization that allows a manufacturer to produce and sell modification and replacement articles for installation on aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grants PMA, enabling manufacturers to develop and provide aftermarket parts that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards while complying with regulatory requirements.

Black Hawk PMA

In May 2022, Black Hawk Aerospace Technologies (BAT) announced that they had obtained the FAA’s Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Authorization. This achievement empowers Black Hawk to produce and sell modifications and replacement articles for installation on type-certified products, such as aircraft and related equipment. The addition of PMA Authorization expands Black Hawk’s capabilities, supporting upgrades and reducing downtime for their customers.

Conrad Theisen, BAT’s VP of Sales and Marketing, highlighted the significance of this milestone, stating, “With Black Hawk Aerospace Technologies, Inc. obtaining PMA Authorization, we can enhance our services to our customer network. We will have the ability to not only provide custom avionics electrical interface drawings but also to provide kits that support installation shops with wire harnesses, antenna doublers, instrument panels, and kitting-up parts to facilitate an easier installation, allowing for shorter downtime and fewer man-hours on the project.”

Why Does This Matter?

PMA Authorization is a notable achievement that reinforces the company’s commitment to quality and expertise. With this authorization in place, Black Hawk products will become even more accessible and efficient to support, enabling the company to perform more in-house work and expedite product delivery.

This authorization will be instrumental in designing enhancements and equipment to complement Black Hawk’s popular Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for the Citation Jet. Projects such as the Garmin Avionics Modification for the Citation 525, the S550/560 Glareshield Modification, and the G700 and GTN STCs are some of the initial beneficiaries of this development.

Additionally, Black Hawk plans to extend its capabilities to produce King Air enhancements and continue refining its existing portfolio. Their recent certification flight testing on Pilatus PC-12 engine upgrades demonstrates their commitment to improving aircraft performance, reliability, and capability.

Also, the PMA Authorization allows Black Hawk to offer enhanced services to its customer network. This includes providing custom avionics electrical interface drawings and kits that simplify installation processes, resulting in shorter downtime and reduced labor hours on projects. This demonstrates Black Hawk’s dedication to delivering comprehensive solutions and improving customer experiences.

For customers, the significance of PMA Authorization lies in the assurance of quality and reliability. The stringent FAA Design Approval standards and policies are adhered to throughout the PMA process, ensuring that the products meet or exceed OEM design specifications and comply with regulatory requirements.

With Rotair Aerospace Corporation’s expertise in PMA replacement components, customers can trust that Black Hawk parts will deliver optimal performance and flight safety.

The acquisition of Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) Authorization by Black Hawk Aerospace Technologies marks a significant milestone in their capabilities. Whether it’s the Black Hawk UH 60 or other helicopter models, you can rely on Rotair Aerospace Corporation to deliver reliable, PMA-approved parts. Contact us today.