What Is the Difference Between a Seahawk and a Black Hawk Helicopter?

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Because of our extensive experience with Black Hawk helicopters, we thought an article comparing it to the Seahawk would be beneficial, so we created a Seahawk helicopter vs. Black Hawk guide. Continue reading to learn about the key differences between these helicopters.

The Black Hawk and Seahawk Helicopters

For decades, the US Navy and Army have relied on the Seahawk and Black Hawk helicopters. The Black Hawk was first introduced in the late 1970s, and the Seahawk followed suit in the mid-1980s.

The Black Hawk was designed to serve the United States Army for military assault purposes, but due to its unique design and capabilities, it has found many other uses.

Meanwhile, the Seahawk, based on the Black Hawk, was developed as a multi-mission helicopter. The Seahawk evolved from the Black Hawk and was designed to meet the needs of the Navy.

Features and Capabilities of the Seahawk Helicopter vs. the Black Hawk Helicopter

When comparing the Seahawk helicopter to the Black Hawk helicopter, both offer a variety of features and capabilities with distinct differences.

The Seahawk helicopter was designed specifically for Navy use, with features and capabilities such as:

  1. There are two turboshaft engines.
  2. Sensors that are cutting-edge
  3. Appendages that fold
  4. Anti-corrosion coating that is unique
  5. Structure of the forward tail wheel
  6. Flight Speed: 175 mph

The Black Hawk helicopter, designed for the Army and other branches, has a number of military-specific features. The Black Hawk has the following features and capabilities:

  1. Fits a three-person crew and eleven combat troops.
  2. External lift missions require a cargo hook.
  3. There are two turboshaft engines.
  4. Flight Speed: 163 mph four-bladed main rotor

Applications of the Seahawk Helicopter vs. the Black Hawk Helicopter

Since their inception, the Seahawk and Black Hawk have been used in a wide range of applications. Although both are used to serve the United States as military and naval aircraft, the Seahawk and Black Hawk are equipped for a variety of applications.

The Seahawk has several applications, including:

  1. Naval anti-submarine warfare
  2. Rescue and search
  3. Interdiction of drugs
  4. Evacuation for medical reasons
  5. Vertical restocking

The Black Hawk was also designed to serve the United States and other countries in a variety of applications. Among the Black Hawk’s applications are:

  1. Evacuation for medical reasons
  2. Air assault on border patrol
  3. Rescue and search
  4. Warfare with electronic means
  5. Firefighting
  6. External escalator

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