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Annually, the FAA has clocked 24,833,000 hours of flight for general aviation. What does this mean for corporations and the military? Those using helicopters are going to need quality helicopter parts to keep rotary wing aircrafts safely in the air. A helicopter spare parts supplier should be your partner when it comes to flying safely. You need to choose a helicopter parts supplier that has decades of experience and has become an industry leader. Their reputation will shine through when it comes to providing a vast stock of parts for purchase that have been designed and meet performance requirements for original components.

Purchase Helicopter Parts That Have Been Tested Beyond Specifications

Testing parts beyond specifications is a quality control measure that ensures only the right, conforming parts are shipped to you. Services shouldn’t stop at testing or quality control. They should extend into areas including research, technical support, record keeping, inventory control, as well as packaging and shipping. All of the above ensures that you are using the top source for helicopter parts, especially Sikorsky and certain Bell components.

It is also helpful if you use a helicopter parts supplier that has the knowledge and experience needed to manufacture parts that perfectly match original components in performance. They should also have the ability to repair and overhaul parts so you get the precise parts needed. Having the best team in place is the key to getting critical helicopter parts designed and engineered. You can depend on them to be able to match leading manufacturers with strict attention to all of the details.

Where Helicopter Parts Are Concerned the Military Needs Unsurpassed Precision

Helicopters play a vital role within the military. The need to be able to get the correct, robust Black Hawk parts fast for H-60 Black Hawk and Series. Other military helicopter parts are also available for many types of helicopters including the CH-53 Super Stallion, H-3, CH-124, MK41 Sea King, WS-61, CH-47 Chinook, UH-1 Iroquois, and the AH-64 Apache. Military demands are high, and only the top helicopter parts suppliers are capable of meeting Defense Logistics Agency requests accurately. Not only does the military use those parts, but also allies and friends of the armed services from around the world.

Use a Commercial Helicopter Parts Supplier with All of the Right Certifications

Flying safe means that you are having necessary parts replaced with quality parts with life-limited and high use components. Expert parts suppliers have the correct certifications in place as well as a quality management system. If they are an FAA Repair Station for Bell and Sikorsky helicopter hydraulic and mechanical components, then you are assured quality parts and services that are second to none. Having approved FAA-PMA parts in stock with 3000 PMAs just shows that the supplier is serious about meeting all of your commercial helicopter parts requirements.