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The Advantages of a Component Maintenance Manual Inspection

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For many industries, automated inspections are sufficient, but for many industries, inspections of components should be manual. For example, you should manually inspect commercial helicopter parts for maintenance needs and repairs. There are some clear benefits that manual inspection can bring to the table. Here are three benefits of manual inspection of commercial helicopter parts.

1. You Can Increase Safety

Regular manual inspection of commercial helicopter parts can increase operation safety and reduce risks. According to the FAA, helicopter inspection schedules should be daily, every 25 hours, every 50 hours, every 100 hours, every 150 hours, every 600 hours, and annually. Visual manual inspections can reveal worn commercial helicopter parts that you should replace. Skipping over this manual inspection schedule can be a recipe for disaster. Frequent manual inspections reduce risks.

2. You Can Save Money

Manual inspections of helicopter parts and components can save you money. If you notice early on that a part or a component needs repair, you can reduce the risk of damage to other parts and components caused by the faulty one. Replacing parts and components before they have the time to damage other parts will reduce the risk of expensive widespread damage. Being proactive is an easy way to save on maintenance and repair costs.

3. You Can Improve Maintenance Results

Helicopter maintenance is key to safe operation. Manual inspections of parts and components can help to target specific maintenance needs. Targeted maintenance can save time and money and reduce risk. Visual inspections can easily identify parts and components that are worn or in need of maintenance. It can also help you create a maintenance schedule based on your helicopter’s needs to remain safe and fully operational.

The helicopter market will be near $68.34 billion by 2027, according to Statista. As more commercial helicopters take to the air, the need for reliable, high-quality commercial helicopter parts will increase. This higher demand may drive market shortages for parts.

One of the best ways to stay ahead of the potential shortages is to manually inspect your bird every day and replace the worn parts. Staying on top of your manual helicopter inspections, well-managed maintenance activities, and connecting with the trusted part supplier for commercial helicopter parts will keep your bird safely in the air where it belongs. Connect with the parts supplier you can rely on now.