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What Does a Military Helicopter Need to Stay Compliant?

A military helicopter is a helicopter that is either specifically built or converted for military use. As many as 5,581 combat helicopters exist in North America, according to Statista. Their uses include the transport of troops, aircraft carriers, weapons, and supplies, as well as providing combat support and close air support. To stay compliant, military helicopters must be regularly serviced and maintained with helicopter replacement parts. Read further for insight about those replacement parts.

What Helicopter Replacement Parts Do Military Helicopters Need?

Helicopter compliance means following all the helicopter regulations from the country of origin. For military helicopter fleets, this includes maintaining the aircraft to peak performance. To do so, helicopter replacement parts are key.

Rotor Blades

The helicopter rotor blades are the primary lifting surface of the helicopter. They provide both lift and thrust, as well as stability to the helicopter. Rotor blades must be made of strong and durable material, such as composite materials so that they can withstand the helicopter’s high speeds and forces. Additionally, helicopter rotor blades must be regularly inspected for cracks, breaks, or other damage.

Tail Rotor

The helicopter tail rotor is responsible for counteracting the torque produced by the main rotor. The tail rotor is mounted on the helicopter’s tail boom and spins in the opposite direction of the main rotor.

Landing Gear

The helicopter landing gear is responsible for supporting the helicopter on the ground. Landing gears must be able to support the helicopter’s weight and withstand the force of the helicopter’s takeoff and landing. Landing gear must also be able to absorb the shock of the helicopter’s landing.


Helicopter engines are responsible for providing power to the helicopter’s main and tail rotors. These engines must be powerful enough to lift the helicopter into the air and keep it there.


The helicopter transmission is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the helicopter’s main and tail rotors. Such transmissions must be able to withstand the helicopter’s high speeds and forces.


Helicopter replacement parts for the controls are essential for a helicopter’s safe operation. The helicopter controls must be responsive and easy to use so that the pilot can safely and effectively control the helicopter.

Military helicopter replacement parts are crucial for helicopter compliance and safety. By understanding what helicopter replacement parts are needed, you can ensure that your helicopter fleet is safe and compliant. For more information on helicopter replacement parts, give us a call today.