5 Professions that Use Helicopters

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While the number of civilian helicopters has increased by nearly 40% in the last decade, a high majority of helicopters are still used for military and commercial work. When lives are on the line, it’s important to know where to get helicopter replacement parts because lives may depend on their reliability. Here are five professions that use helicopters every day.

Utility Organizations

Whether you work for a pipeline or a power company, using a helicopter can help get from job site to job site in a flash. Working with a helicopter spare parts supplier when you’re in this industry is smart so that you never find yourself stranded somewhere that’s difficult to escape.

Offshore Companies

Finding your way out onto an offshore oil rig can be difficult unless you have access to a Sikorsky Sea King or a similar commercial helicopter. Keeping Sikorsky parts, or any helicopter replacement parts on hand on an offshore rig keeps your helicopter working smoothly and prevents safety issues before they have a chance to happen.


Have you ever experienced beautiful scenery from the air? Helicopter tours are a popular way to experience new cities and sights because of how easy they are to maneuver and make any vacation feel glamorous. Without the right helicopter parts, however, a malfunctioning helicopter could mean the end of a vacation, so keep some spare parts handy for guests and emergencies.

Firefighting and Law Enforcement

Helicopter parts suppliers know how crucial it is to keep firefighter and law enforcement helicopters in good working condition because these two professions rely on helicopters for everything from putting out fires to tracking a high-speed highway chase.

Military Efforts

Finally, Black Hawk helicopters are a common choice for the military which is why knowing a company that stocks H-60 spare parts is a smart decision if you’re flying helicopters for the military.

Helicopter replacement parts are something not every civilian may consider but they’re essential when your job depends on your helicopter working as it should. Whether you’re in the market for Black Hawk replacement parts, Sikorsky Sea King parts, or something a little different, our team is looking out for you. Request a quote from our team today.