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Factors to Consider When Buying a Helicopter

There are as many heliports in the United States as every other country put together and five times more heliports than any other country. People in the United States buy helicopters for several reasons. You might want to use it for commercial purposes such as tourism or for your private travels. Helicopters are also used in the military for rescue, among other reasons.

Any machine, after being used for a certain period, will need maintenance or repair. Maintenance and repair might require you to source for helicopter parts. The helicopter parts suppliers you choose will depend on the type of helicopter you have. This feels like a good time to mention that some of the most used helicopters both commercially and in the army are Sikorsky aircraft. You can, therefore, be confident that suppliers of spare parts Sikorsky are not hard to find.

Suppliers of spare parts Sikorsky requires should have all Sikorsky helicopter parts including Sikorsky Black Hawk parts, Sikorsky Sea King parts, Sikorsky S70 spare parts, and other Sikorsky spare parts. Also, make sure that the spare parts Sikorsky have Parts Manufacturing Approval (PMA) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Here are some of the things to consider when buying a helicopter.

  1. Are you the passenger or the pilot?: Just like buying a car, most people who purchase helicopters are pilots. People who buy helicopters to be driven are billionaires who need a professional pilot to take them on executive trips. Keep in mind that large helicopters require more flying experience.
  2. What is your budget?: There are a variety of helicopters in the market from lightweight helicopters to heavy duty military type helicopters. These machines also come in different sizes and are manufactured by different companies. Size, brand, design, and capacity should be your guiding factors when buying a helicopter. Don’t forget the maintenance and insurance costs as well. In most cases, a cheap helicopter might cost more to maintain than an expensive or new one, but this should not be the deciding factor of your purchase. Any machine that is well maintained has a longer lifespan regardless of the original price tag.
  3. How do you plan to use your helicopter?: You will find different designs of helicopters in the market. Some models are specific to a particular purpose. There are luxurious designs where the cabin is separated from the cockpit, which is a good option if you want some privacy and others where both compartments are joined. Also, how far do you plan on traveling? Smaller helicopters are limited in terms of distance because they have low fuel capacity. Also, you cannot carry many people with a small helicopter. A midrange helicopter is a safe purchase because they can go for about 300-350 miles without having to stop for a refuel.