Helicopters 101: The 3 Main Types of Rotors

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In order to achieve the most reliable aviation function in commercial and military applications, helicopters need to go through a number of tests before they are allowed to fly. When a helicopter is first built or modified with new Sikorsky parts by a helicopter spare parts supplier, specific tests need to be performed to ensure the helicopter’s function and safety standards are met.

Here are some of the necessary tests a helicopter outfitted with new Sikorsky parts need to pass before they become airborne.

Hydraulic testing

A hydraulic test is performed to ascertain that the hydraulic properties of the helicopter are up to par. A test facility will test and measure a variety of hydraulic components on the aircraft, including its landing gear, dampeners, and more.

These tests are designed to spot any areas of malfunction, leakage, or issues with pressure in the system. Whether or not new Sikorsky parts were installed on the helicopter, a hydraulic test needs plenty of equipment and the best facilities to monitor the aircraft’s success.

Vibration and shock testing

A vibration test is necessary to measure the efficiency of the rotating components. This includes the main rotary system and the tail rotors. More importantly, it measures how both of these components react to changes in aerodynamic flow. For example, Rotair will use an Unholtz-Dickie Vibration Platform to measure random changes, sine changes, shock values, and more.

Shock testing is necessary to determine weak components on a helicopter. Moreso, this test is essential in determining the shocks associated with transport and handling, two vital components in both military and commercial applications.

Environmental testing

Environmental testing is necessary to determine the aging of the Sikorsky parts used on the craft. Over time, these components will be subjected to extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, and more. Humidity testing, as a part of environmental testing, can help determine the longevity of a product.

It’s estimated that there are over 31,000 helicopters in use around the world and that doesn’t include military applications. For more information on military helicopter parts and systems, rely on Rotair. We offer the best in Sikorsky parts and helicopter facility testing to ensure a smooth ride. Contact us today if you have any questions.